The Team

David Mayman – The Rocket Man

David Mayman is a successful Australian Internet and mining entrepreneur, prolific adventurer, pilot (of everything he can get his hands on) and a family man with very patient wife, Saschi and two daughters, Georgina and Charlie. He learned to fly before he could drive and is rated in numerous helicopter and aircraft types and is now willing to risk everything to achieve his goal of flying over the Sydney Harbour. It’s his lifelong dream to build and fly his very own Rocket Belt.

Nelson Tyler

Nelson Tyler is a long time pilot, three-time Academy Award winner and designer of helicopter camera systems. In 1969 he built the first civilian Rocket Belt. His belt did over 900 demonstrations, the most notable one was the opening of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angels with Bill Suitor as pilot. Tyler did some 70 flights on tethered training and made about 120 commercial flights.

Bill Suitor

Bill Suitor is the most famous and active Rocket Belt Pilot who started his distinguished career at Bell aerospace working with Wendell Moore the inventor of the Rocket Belt. Bill joined Bell Aerosystems as a rocketbelt test pilot in 1964 and has flown over 1200 flights without serious injury. His most spectacular flight was at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games where Suitor demonstrated “flight without wings” in front of a worldwide audience of two billion people.

Juan Lozano

Juan Manuel Lozano is a self-taught Rocket Engineer based in the far south Mexican city of Cuernavaca. Juan is a Rocket Engine enthusiast with inventions including Rocket bikes, go carts, helicopters and eight Rocket Belts. Juan has been working with hydrogen peroxide propulsion systems since 1975, inventor of the penta-metallic catalyst pack to be used with organic hydrogen peroxide and inventor of the most popular machine in the world to produce your own hydrogen peroxide to be used as a rocket fuel.

Gregory Read – Director

Gregory Read is an Australian director, producer and writer. Gregory has directed and produced the documentaries ‘Photographers of Australia – Dupain, Seivers, Moore’, ‘Tides of Passage’ and Spirits of the Carnival.’ In 2006, Gregory wrote and directed the Feature film ‘Like Minds’. He is currently producing ‘The Eye of the Storm’, with Fred Schepisi as director. Gregory began developing and shooting material for ‘Rocket Compulsion’ in 2008.

Marcus Gillezeau – Executive Producer

Marcus is a principal partner in Firelight Productions, specialising in all-media drama and documentary production. He has delivered prime time television to all the major networks including ABC, SBS, Ch9, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. In 2009 he won the International Digital Emmy® Award for the all-media drama Scorched. He is the producer of the award winning series Storm Surfers and the ob-doc series In the Line of Fire that follows rural fire fighters. Rocket Compulsion is his most recent high-stakes production.

Ellenor Cox – Producer

EProducer Ellenor Cox  is an innovator of all-media screen content and a multi award winning producer of over 30 hours of prime time  factual, reality and drama projects that have screened across the globe. When not sitting at her desk, looking down on all those beautiful people on Bondi Beach, she is producing the award winning series Storm Surfers. She’s very relieved that Rocket Man – David Mayman has survived his Sydney Harbour flight and wishes that more of her films were based on inanimate objects!

ROCKET COMPULSION is a co-production with Firelight & Paper Bark Films